Name: Zilya
Identity: MystiK of the Governing House
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Abilities: telepathy
Hair: white
Eyes: red brown
Identifying Marks: jewels on her cheek
Allies: MystiKs
Enemies: TecKnati
Additional Intel:
Book Excerpt:

A swish of movement drew my eyes back to finally see this Zilya.

She turned around gracefully, looking as though everything about her contained that same graceful quality, and paused. Her attention landed on Callan first, her eyes widening in question. His stern face didn’t budge. Her tunic-style gown was an odd yellowish, almost golden, material, not shiny, but elegant in its simplicity. Strange half-moon designs were sewn in a deeper burnished gold down the front. She stood eye-level to me, but her regal posture gave her the illusion of being taller.

Spikey, white-blond hair haloed over her head, so pale it reflected lavender highlights from the sky, luminous against the bright gold feathers of the wall at her back. She had a smattering of little raised, jewel-like dots, some maybe a sixteenth of an inch thick, and some the size of my smallest fingernail fanning out from her left eye. The dots started as black then shifted to iridescent as they spread across her high cheekbone.

I didn’t think she was beautiful so much as compelling, but I knew Tony would be drooling if he were standing here. 

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