Name: Mathias
Identity: MystiK of the Governing House
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Abilities: kinetics, telepathy
Hair: black
Eyes: deep purple
Identifying Marks:
Allies: MystiKs
Enemies: TecKnati
Additional Intel:
Book Excerpt:

As tall as Callan, this Mathias might not match Callan in muscle tone, but he carried himself as a king, shoulders back, eyes ahead. He had skin darker than mine. Reminded me of Nicholas from back at school, except Mathias had warm eyes that held a depth of understanding that made him approachable. Strange for me to think that when he was in charge of this group and they had captured us.

His eyes didn’t fit his age. Not that he had lines or wrinkles, but he wore years of living on his face that said he’d seen far more than others with his seventeen or eighteen years. He asked me, “What are you doing here?”

No matter where I went, I was doomed to be asked questions I couldn’t answer. “I don’t know.”

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