Name: Tony
Identity: student
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Abilities: exceptional technology skills
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Identifying Marks: scorpion tattoo on neck
Allies: Gabby, Rayen...women in general
Enemies: Nick Brown
Weapons: his brain
Additional Intel: He’s a computer genius and hacker extraordinaire with an overblown sense of self.
Book Excerpt:

“Hey, I was wavin’ my hands, coming to you,” Tony complained.  “That’s a sign of surrender.”  Granted he’d had no white flag, but still.  “Where I come from we talk after someone gives up.”

Sometimes.  Other times they beat the crap out of you for being stupid enough to get caught, but he figured these guys wouldn’t know Jersey rules.  

They should let me teach the computer class. I'd have the entire group designing games in a week. Not writing boring reports.

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