Name: Callan
Identity: MystiK of the Warrior House
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Abilities: Kinetic power
Hair: changes with skin
Eyes: shift in color from aqua to hazel and reddish brown
Identifying Marks: Warrior camo skin
Enemies: TecKnati
Weapons: trained as a warrior
Additional Intel:
Book Excerpt:

For the past year, he’d worked himself twice as hard as any other warrior he trained for the simple reason that it kept him from thinking. And feeling.

This strange girl had done this to him. Made him feel.

He lifted a calloused thumb to stroke the soft skin on Rayen's cheek.

The sound of her voice soothed the beast that wanted out to rampage and kill his enemies. She whispered, “I understand your pain. I’d probably feel the same way if I lost a brother or sister that way.”  She lifted her hand and touched his arm. “I’m not judging you. I only wanted you to think twice before condemning an innocent person.”

Callan lifted his other hand to her face, holding it there in indecision. He wanted to touch his lips to hers, to feel the warmth radiating from her. 

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