ISBN: 978-0-9886079-3-4

Book 1 in the Red Moon Trilogy

Rayen’s memory is blank.  Her future's in question.  Her power is dangerous.

In book one of this unusual young adult, sci-fi/fantasy trilogy, Rayen awakens in the middle of a desert in a strange land called Albuquerque. She's captured and stuck in an unusual school where she stumbles on a deadly secret that can destroy this world . . . and the future. All she wants to do is go home. The problem is she doesn't know where she came from, or who she is, and the only person who can help her is a teenage boy in a world where killing the enemy and surviving is all that matters. Though she's drawn to him, he is as dangerous as he is attractive, and he thinks she's the enemy.

 Available in print, e-book and audio

Time Trap is amazingly original and unexpected . . . I loved every second of reading it!”
Alexandra Fedor, 15, who also read The Book Thief, The Hunger Games, and Anna Karenina

“Creative and exciting . . . couldn't wait to see what happened on the next page, and it's a book I would totally recommend to my friends.”
Emily Skeel, age 14, also read The Hunger Games trilogy, Maze Runner and Delirium.

“Wonderfully written . . . I've never read anything like it. Excellent!”
Adam, age 28


Book 2 in the Red Moon Trilogy

Rayen promised to return, Gabby must return, and Tony can’t return.

Three teens connected by a shared secret are forced into a choice with consequences that will change each of them. When Rayen arrives on the Red Moon sphere again, she finds shocking surprises. Her arrival causes upheaval and danger for the MystiK children, and creates a heart wrenching challenge for Callan who must choose between duty and holding onto the one girl he canít have. But walking away is harder than he expects when a new MystiK male in the sphere is poised to take Callan's place. When an unexpected enemy attacks, Rayen and Callan must put their personal conflict aside to unite a village in chaos.

Choices backfire, trust is forfeit and alliances shift when elements of the Damian Prophecy begin to fall into place as the time of reckoning draws closer with no way to stop it.

Available in e-book and print

Time Return is even better with the first one! The story heroes, Rayen, Tony, and Gabby, keep their promises and return to the future. Absolute must read!”
Alexandra Fedor, teen has also read the Divergent trilogy, The Sea of Tranquility, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Time Return drew me in from the first page, it took hold of my attention and never let go until the last sentence.”
Alex Bernier, teen, has also read also read all of Rick Riordan's books and the Hunger Games

“The issues addressed are timeless, and the characters are so realistic that I couldnít help but be drawn into their story. Thanks to Micah Caida for a great read for every age, this is a gem of a series.”
Emily Gifford, teen, read the Phantom of the Opera, A Princess of Mars and the Dresden Files


Book 3 in the Red Moon Trilogy

His duty.  Her destiny. Their last hope.

Every minute counts — literally — as Rayen races against time and impossible odds to deliver a one-of-a-kind computer to the Sphere, but she's imprisoned in Albuquerque. Failure means Callan's death at the hands of his TecKnati enemies. Rayen will do anything to prevent that, but she and her friends have to find a way back to the time portal first. With all eyes on the red moon, Rayen, Tony and Gabby battle to reach and save their MystiK friends. Their determination triggers a collision course of two worlds over a hundred and sixty years apart.

Available in e-book and print

“Micah Caida couldn't have done a better job at wrapping up the story...I for one hate to see this series end.”
Tara, MamasReadingBreak reviewer

“As the thrilling conclusion to the Red Moon series, Time Lock does not disappoint and will leave you in awe...perfection on paper.”
Angela Catucci, college student

Time Lock, and the Red Moon Trilogy, is a fast-paced, exciting fantasy that is so well written that it meets my expectations as an adult reader too! Loved it!”
Sharon Griffiths, adult

Time Lock is an awesome read. The story grabbed my attention from the first chapter and wouldn't let go. The story is exciting and intense...”
Hannah G, preteen

“I have never read a book that was anything like this one before. It felt completely unique to me, which I loved!”
Nicole, Feed Your Fiction Addiction reviewer



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