What "readers" are saying about Time Return:
“I loved reading this second book, Time Return. Everything developed fluidly from Time Trap, and the characters were true to themselves, and yet bold. There was tons of action in the Sphere and outside of the Sphere, and watching the characters face so much that pushed them all to the physical and emotional limit was a great ride. Time Returncertainly delivered what I was looking for-action, intrigue, and a lot of fun. Thank you Micah Caida for another book that I will be rereading a lot!” Emily Gifford, 17, has also readDivergent, The Codex of Alera, and The Lost World  
"What an incredible serial escalation!  All in all it's a masterful piece of work."  Angela Catucci, college student
“Time Return will grip you and keep you reading until the very end.  The action is undoubtedly exciting, as well as the suspense.  You won't want to put it down!”  Brooke McClure, teen
"Time Return is even better with the first one! The story heroes, Rayen, Tony, and Gabby, keep their promises and return to the future. But chaotic challenges ahead will test their loyalty and strength in the second book to the Red Moon trilogy. Absolute must read!" Alexandra Fedor, 17, has also read the Divergent trilogy, The Sea of Tranquility, andThus Spoke Zarathustra

"If I had found books like this when I was a teen, I would have started reading much earlier, instead of waiting until my mid twenties!" Kay Barnes, adult
"Time Return drew me in from the first page, it took hold of my attention and never let go until the last sentence."  Alex Bernier, teen, has also read also read all of Rick Riordan’sbooks, the Hunger Games, the Chronicles of Nick, and the Rangers Apprentice series.
"I was intrigued from the first chapter. And I love the story because it surprised me (and my favorite books surprise me) and the characters are written with so much feeling. I just really like this book." Hannah G, 11, also reads Rick Riordan books


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